Professor Tim Lindsey (1968-79)

Tim Lindsey credits his initial interest in and love of Indonesian culture with his first visit to the country whilst studying at Trinity. He went on to develop this interest through a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Letters from the University of Melbourne and completed his PhD thesis in Indonesian studies. Tim is now Professor of Asian Law and Director of theCentre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society at the Melbourne Law School.

He teaches and researches Indonesian law, shari’a (Islamic law), comparative law and law reform in developing countries. He is the Chair of the Australia Indonesia Institute and practises at the Victorian Bar. Tim is an authority on Indonesian law, governance and politics and is regularly consulted by the media on Australian-Indonesian relations – an area that has been topical of late. Tim has also worked with various Federal Government agencies consulting and advising on matters relating to Islamic law in South East Asia.