Meet Glen Ferrarotto - OTG Veteran

Glen enlisted in the Army in 1997 and served as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic. He led Army sections through gruelling jungle warfare training in South East Asia and completed two tours to Afghanistan as part of the Special Operation's Task Group.

Having held positions in the Private Sector following his 10 year career in the Army, Glen went on to found Ironside Recruitment in 2012, which has become Australia's leading recruitment agency for  ex-service men and women. His mission is simple; to enhance industry capability by securing employment for those who have served.

 “When I left the Army in 2008, I went through a recruitment agency. Even at that point, I thought it would be great to have an agency that I could talk to from a soldier’s perspective - to not have to try to be a civilian person, with civilian qualifications, which at that point I wasn’t.” says Glen. “After a few years in Industry I realised the importance of employers truly understanding the unique experience and skills that veterans have, to look beyond a CV".

Glen’s role today as Executive Director of Ironside Recruitment, allows him to guide the nation’s journey and thought process when it comes to hiring veterans; bringing these individuals into their workforce is in fact good strategy, not charity.  Veterans bring with them a wealth of uniquely rich qualities, including discipline, leadership, character and the ability to perform under pressure, all of which make any organisation stronger. This approach to shared value partnerships has resulted in hundreds of new careers for ex-defence men and women.

Glen is considered a subject matter expert in Australia when it comes to strategic resourcing of veterans and advising industry CEOs and HR Professionals as to why they should be looking at this diverse pool of talent to differentiate their organisations. 

Glen also sits on the State Executive for RSL Victoria and his work advocating on veteran’s behalf with potential employers, and raising their profile led to his win of the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards, Most Outstanding Contribution by an Individual.

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